General Provisions
   153.001   Title
   153.002   Authority
   153.003   Intent
   153.004   Relationship to the Comprehensive Plan
   153.005   Scope
   153.006   Interpretation and application
   153.007   Official Zoning Map
   153.008   Zoning district boundaries
   153.009   Severability
   153.010   Definitions
Applications and Procedures
   153.025   Purpose
   153.026   General procedures
   153.027   Zoning interpretation
   153.028   Required neighborhood meetings
   153.029   Certificate of compliance
   153.030   Building permit
   153.031   Driveway access approval
   153.032   On-site waste disposal permits
   153.033   Certificate of occupancy
   153.034   Conditional uses
   153.035   Interim uses
   153.036   Variances
   153.037   Zoning ordinance text and map amendments
   153.038   Site plan approval
   153.050   Purpose
   153.051   Nonconforming uses
   153.052   Nonconforming lot of record
   153.053   Nonconforming residential structures
   153.054   Nonconforming site and building improvements
General Development Regulations
   153.065   Applicability
   153.066   Individual sewage treatment systems
   153.067   Sloping or erodible building sites
   153.068   Required yards and open spaces
   153.069   Minimum dwelling requirements
   153.070   Usable attic space
   153.071   Code compliance
   153.072   Buildable lot area, net
   153.073   Number of structures
   153.074   Prohibited dwelling units
   153.075   Occupancy of single-family dwelling
   153.076   Traffic control
   153.077   Private roads
   153.078   Maximum height
   153.079   Setbacks along unclassified water bodies
General Standards for Use Regulations
   153.095   Purpose
   153.096   Standards for uses
Detached Accessory Structure Regulations
   153.110   Detached accessory structures in C, A, RR, SF, MXR-1, MXR-2, MXR-3, MU-1, MU-2, and BP Districts
   153.111   Accessory structures in multiple-family developments
   153.112   Accessory structures in business and industrial districts
Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations
   153.125   Purpose
   153.126   Scope of regulations
   153.127   General provisions
   153.128   Design, construction, and maintenance
   153.129   Parking provisions in residential districts
   153.130   Parking provisions in business districts
   153.131   Parking provisions in industrial districts
   153.132   Parking design requirements in business, commercial, mixed use, and industrial districts
   153.133   Required off-street parking spaces and garages
   153.134   Off-street loading and unloading areas
   153.135   Minimum parking space and aisle dimensions
Exterior Storage In Residential Districts; Screening and Fence Regulations
   153.145   Exterior storage in residential districts
   153.146   Screening
   153.147   Fence regulations
Lighting Regulations
   153.185   Lighting regulations
Sign Regulations
   153.205   Signs
   153.206   Changeable electronic copy signs
   153.207   Signs in residential and agricultural districts
   153.208   Wall signs and freestanding signs in all commercial, mixed use commercial, and industrial zoning districts
   153.209   Billboard signs
   153.210   Temporary signs
   153.211   Sign construction and maintenance
   153.212   Administration, compliance, and enforcement
Landscaping Regulations
   153.230   Purpose
   153.231   Landscape plan
   153.232   Minimum landscaping requirements
   153.233   Landscape design
   153.234   Building foundation landscaping
   153.235   Selection, installation, and maintenance of landscaping
   153.236   Landscape guarantee
   153.237   Retaining walls
   153.238   Landscaping letter of credit or cash escrow required
Environmental Regulations
   153.250   Purpose
   153.251   Explosives
   153.252   Radiation and electrical interference
   153.253   Noise, odor, air, and water pollution
   153.254   Vibrations
   153.255   Glare or heat
   153.256   Public health
   153.257   Refuse
   153.258   Vacant land
   153.259   Hazardous waste
   153.260   Vehicles
   153.261   Outdoor wood boiler systems
   153.262   Drilling of wells in drinking water supply management area
Land Alteration and Grading Regulations
   153.270   Land alteration and grading
   153.271   Permit application, review, and approval procedure
   153.272   Construction site standards
   153.273   Erosion control
   153.274   Sediment control
   153.275   Restoration
   153.276   Public waters
   153.277   Drainage
   153.278   Preservation of natural drainageways/waterways and wetland preservation
   153.279   Preservation of natural drainageways/waterways
Woodland Preservation Regulations
   153.295   Purpose
   153.296   Definitions
   153.297   Woodland Preservation Plan
   153.298   Permitted tree removals
   153.299   Mitigation procedures
   153.300   Tree replacement provisions
   153.301   Required protective measures
   153.302   Additional protective measures
Additional Requirements
   153.306   Sustainability requirements for all business, commercial, industrial, mixed use, non-residential uses in a residential district and the Multi-Family Residential District
   153.307   Solar energy system requirements
   153.308   Inclusionary housing requirements
   153.309   Wetland banks
Zoning District Regulations
   153.315   Zoning district regulations
   153.316   Conservancy (C) District
   153.317   Agriculture (A) District
   153.318   Rural Residential (RR) District
   153.319   Single-Family (SF) Residential District
   153.320   Mixed Single-Family Residential District (MXR-1)
   153.321   Mixed Residential, Single and Two-Family (MXR-2) District
   153.322   Mixed Residential (MXR-3) District
   153.323   Multiple-Family Residential (MF) District
   153.324   Minimum standards for design: applicable to all commercial/business districts (NC, B-1, B-2)
   153.325   [Reserved.]
   153.326   Neighborhood Commercial (NC) District
   153.327   Broadway Business (B-1) District
   153.328   Highway Business (B-2) District
   153.329   Limited Industrial Business (B-3) District
   153.330   Minimum standards for design: applicable to all industrial districts (I, BP) and the B-3 District
   153.331   [Reserved.]
   153.332   Industrial (I) District
   153.333   Business Park (BP) District
   153.334   Downtown Mixed Use (MU-1) District
   153.335   General Mixed Use (MU-2) District
Overlay Districts
   153.340   Agricultural Preserve (AP) Overlay District
   153.341   Planned Unit Development (PUD) Overlay District
   153.342   Rural Open Space Housing Cluster Planned Unit Development regulations
   153.343   Shoreland Overlay District
   153.344   Airport Overlay District
Responsibilities, Enforcement, and Appeals
   153.360   General responsibilities of Community Development Department
   153.361   General responsibilities of the City Administrator
   153.362   General responsibilities of the Planning Commission
   153.363   General responsibilities of the City Council
   153.364   Development agreements and financial guarantees
   153.365   Procedures to appeal decisions of the city
   153.998   Violations