Overview of Article 3
   17.3.000   Overview of Article 3
Zoning Map
   17.3.010   Classification of zones
   Table 3-1   Zoning Districts
   17.3.020   Official zoning map
   17.3.030   Zone boundaries
Residential Zones
   17.3.100   Purpose
   17.3.110   List of residential zones
   17.3.120   Use regulations
   Table 3-2   Residential Zones Use Table
   17.3.130   Residential development standards
   Table 3-3   Lot Dimensional Requirements (Low Density Residential)
   Table 3-4   Lot Dimensional Requirements (Moderate to High Density)
   Table 3-5   Setback Requirements
   Figure 3-1   Step-Down in Building Height
   17.3.140   Residential design standards
Institutional Zone
   17.3.200   Purpose
   17.3.210   Use regulations
   Table 3-6   Institutional Zone Use Table
   17.3.220   Institutional zone development standards
   Table 3-7   Dimensional Requirements
   17.3.230   Institutional zone design standards
Commercial and Mixed-Used Zones
   17.3.300   Purpose
   17.3.310   List of commercial and mixed-use zones
   17.3.320   Use regulations
   Table 3-8   Commercial and Mixed-Use Zones: Use Table
   17.3.330   Commercial and mixed-use zone development standards
   Table 3-9   Commercial Zones: Dimensional Requirements
   17.3.340   Commercial zone design standards and guidelines
Town Center Zones
   17.3.400   Purpose
   17.3.410   List of town center zones
   17.3.420   Use regulations
   Table 3-10   Town Center Zones: Use Table
   17.3.430   Town center zone development standards
   Table 3-11   Town Center Zones: Dimensional Requirements
   17.3.440   Town center zone design standards and guidelines
Industrial Zones
   17.3.500   Purpose
   17.3.510   List of industrial zones
   17.3.520   Use regulations
   Table 3-12   Industrial Zones: Use Table
   17.3.530   Industrial zone development standards
   Table 3-13   Industrial Zone Dimensional Requirements
   17.3.540   Additional industrial zone standards