(A)   Provisions shall be made for the domestic water supply as may be necessary to protect public health by connection to a public utility or public water agency and a letter from the utility or agency shall be submitted showing its ability to serve the proposed subdivision and evidence indicating that a satisfactory agreement has been entered into for the installation of the service.  The procedures for determining water supply ability shall be based on Cal. Water Code § 10910.
   (B)   (1)   Individual wells shall be discouraged and only permitted upon a hydrologic unit assessment directed by the Town Engineer to determine the effect of well water extraction on the water table and associated streams and springs.
      (2)   Proposed wells shall also comply with Chapter 8.40 of this code.
   (C)   The subdivider shall provide a water connection for each lot and fire hydrants at such intervals as may be required by the town and the Ross Valley Fire District.
(Prior Code, § 16.07.130)  (Ord. 670, passed - -1998)