§ 16.24.020  APPLICABILITY.
   (A)   The standards and requirements set forth in this chapter shall be applicable to all subdivisions of land within the town unless otherwise specified herein, or unless specifically proposed to be modified or waived by the town’s Engineer and ratified by the review authority because of unique site conditions.  The Town Engineer shall provide explanations in writing for proposed modifications or waivers of standards and requirements.  The explanations shall be attached to the subdivision map application prior to any public hearing on the map.
   (B)   Bonds.  Subdividers may be required to post a bond, cash or other financing mechanism acceptable to the town to ensure fulfillment of improvements within an established schedule and specified manner.
   (C)   Maintenance agreements.  In addition to the agreement for completion of all specified improvements, the subdivider shall, prior to filing the final map, execute a contract with the town specifying maintenance requirements including duration, extent and nature of and a financing mechanism to ensure the maintenance.
(Prior Code, § 16.07.020)  (Ord. 670, passed - -1998)