(A)   Unless otherwise approved by the Town Engineer, utility easements as required by the utility authorities shall be provided within subdivisions where required for public utility purposes.
   (B)   All underground utilities, sanitary sewers and storm drains installed in streets, service roads, alleys or highways shall be constructed prior to the surfacing of the streets, service roads, alleys or highways.
   (C)   Service connections for all underground utilities and sanitary sewers shall be laid to a length as will obviate the necessity for disturbing the street or alley improvements when service connections thereto are made.
   (D)   Undergrounding requirements.
      (1)   All utility distribution facilities (including, but not limited to electric, communication and cable television lines) installed in and for the purpose of supplying service to any new residential subdivision or commercial subdivision shall be placed underground.
      (2)   Equipment appurtenant to underground facilities, such as surface-mounted transformers, pedestal-mounted terminal boxes and meter cabinets and concealed ducts shall be placed in underground vaults.
      (3)   Exceptions may be recommended by the Town Engineer for review authority approval for subdivisions of less than five lots with findings that the topographical, soil or other conditions or circumstances make underground installation of the facilities as required by this section unreasonable or impracticable.
      (4)   The subdivider is responsible for complying with the requirements of this section, and shall make the necessary arrangements with the utility companies involved for the installation of the facilities.
(Prior Code, § 16.07.090)  (Ord. 670, passed - -1998)