(a)    There shall be no sight obstruction created or maintained at the intersection of a driveway and a street right-of-way line. A sight obstruction is defined as any tree, shrub, group of shrubs, hedge, fence, decorative or landscaping feature or similar item which obstructs the sight of pedestrians or motorists at the intersection in all the following ways:
      (1)    By being located closer than eight feet to the driveway and right-of-way intersection.
      (2)    By obscuring more than sixty percent (60%) of the line of sight through the object.
      (3)    By occupying a height of more than thirty inches and less than eight feet above the adjoining grade.
   (b)    Each day's violation of this section constitutes a separate offense.
   (c)    Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
      (Ord. 34-96. Passed 7-1-96.)