Trees, Weeds and Shrubs
547.01   Trees defined.
547.02   Tree care and maintenance by abutting property owners.
547.03   Trimming of trees by City; responsibility of abutting property owners for costs.
547.04   Tree permits; fee.
547.05   Prohibited trees.
547.06   Location of trees.
547.07   Tree removal.
547.08   Landscape Maintenance Districts.
547.09   Protection of trees.
547.10   Emergency response by City.
547.11   Trees, bushes and shrubs located within City easements.
547.12   Weed defined.
547.13   Duty to cut.
547.14   Written notice to cut weeds.
547.15   Service of notice.
547.16   Noncompliance; remedy of City.
547.17   Written return to County Auditor; lien upon property.
547.18   Responsibility for weeds on unpaved right of way.
547.19   Responsibility for removal of vegetation on paved right-of-way.
547.98   Administration of provisions.
547.99   Penalty.
      Power to regulate shade trees and shrubbery - see Ohio R.C. 715.20
      Notice to cut noxious weeds - see Ohio R.C. 731.51 et seq.