569.01   Short title.
569.02   Definitions.
569.03   U.S. Coast Guard regulations.
569.04   Reckless or unsafe operation.
569.05   Speed limit.
569.06   Exhibition boats exempted.
569.07   Operating under influence of alcohol or drugs prohibited; evidence.
569.08   Exhaust muffler; sirens.
569.09   Disturbing other boats.
569.10   Use of searchlights.
569.11   Abandonment, removal, storage and reclamation of junk vessel or outboard motor.
569.12   Mooring restricted; tampering.
569.13   Authority to board.
569.14   Lights at night.
569.15   Mooring at private docks without permission.
569.16   Boats to observe City health and conduct rules.
569.17   Cleanliness of docks.
569.18   Garbage disposal.
569.19   Operation at night restricted.
569.20   Parking boats in U4 District.
   Watercraft and waterways - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 1547
   Actions relating to watercraft - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 4585