Alcoholic Beverages
503.01   Definitions.
503.02   Sales of beer or intoxicating liquor to underage persons; prohibitions and misrepresentations.
503.025   Sales of nonalcoholic beer, etc., to underage persons.
503.03   Sales to intoxicated persons.
503.04   Consumption in motor vehicle.
503.05   Permit required.
503.06   Posting age and firearm warning signs.
503.07   Open container prohibited.
503.08   Hours of sale or consumption.
503.09   Removal of beer or liquor from premises.
503.10   Beer or liquor on public property.
503.11   Sale or consumption of beer or liquor in public places.
503.12   Storage of beer or liquor.
503.13   Conveying intoxicating liquor, cash, contraband or unauthorized items onto grounds of detention facilities or other institutions.
503.14   Sales of low-alcohol beverages to underage persons; prohibitions and misrepresentations.
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   Local option - see Ohio R.C. 4303.29
   Driving or physical control while intoxicated - see TRAF. 333.01
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   Effect of voluntary intoxication on criminal liability - see GEN. OFF. 501.07
   Disorderly conduct while voluntarily intoxicated - see GEN. OFF. 545.04
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