505.01   Definitions.
505.02   Duties of the Mayor.
505.03   Duties of the Police Department.
505.04   Duties of the Health Officer.
505.05   Enforcement procedures.
505.06   Prohibited animals.
505.07   Location of yard housing for animals.
505.08   Care requirements; cruelty prohibited.
505.09   Running at large prohibited; exemptions.
505.10   Nuisance activities prohibited.
505.11   Excessive animal noise prohibited.
505.12   Proper confinement of cats and dogs in heat required.
505.13   Special restriction of guard dogs; posting of premises required.
505.14   Maximum number of dogs and cats permitted; prior acquisition not affected.
505.15   Rabies vaccination of dogs and cats.
505.16   Animals in public places prohibited; exemptions.
505.17   Removal of animal feces.
505.18   Reporting animal bites.
505.19   Proper maintenance of animal yard structures and pens.
505.20   Abuse of animals.
505.21   Annual registration of dogs and cats; tags required.
505.22   Exemptions to annual registration.
505.23   Annual licensing of commercial animal establishments; fees.
505.231   Commercial animal establishment.
505.232   Unaltered cat or dog registration.
505.24   License regulations; exemptions.
505.25   Procedure for licensing.
505.26   Expiration of license.
505.27   First license for commercial animal establishment.
505.28   License not transferable.
505.29   License and registration denial, revocation and reinstatement.
505.30   Notification of capture and impoundment.
505.31   Owner liable for violations.
505.32   Period for holding animals.
505.33   Procedure and fees for recovery of animals.
505.34   Procedure and fees for adopting animals.
505.35   Removal and disposal of dead animals.
505.36   Emergency treatment of sick or injured dog or cat.
505.37   Dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs.
505.38   Animals for entertainment or education.
   See section histories for similar State law
   Power to restrain and impound animals - see Ohio R.C. 715.23
   Driving animals upon roadway - see TRAF. 303.04, 311.05
   Definitions generally - see GEN. OFF. 501.01
   Assaulting police dog or horse or handicapped assistance dog - see GEN. OFF. 541.08
   Offensive odors from places where animals are kept or fed - see H. & S. 1113.04