Bicycles and Motorcycles Generally
371.01   Code application to bicycles.
371.02   Riding upon seats; carrying packages; motorcycle handle bars; helmets and glasses.
371.03   Attaching bicycles, motorcycles to other vehicles.
371.04   Riding on right side of roadway; riding abreast.
371.05   Lights, signal devices, brakes on bicycles.
371.06   Riding bicycles upon sidewalks.
371.07   Riding bicycles on controlled-access highways, expressways, etc.
371.08   Safe riding regulations for bicycles.
371.09   Parking; locks.
371.10   Registration of bicycles required; reciprocal agreements.
371.11   Registration application and fee.
371.12   Registration tags and cards; transfer of ownership.
371.13   Purchase and sale of secondhand bicycles.
371.14   Destruction or mutilation of frame numbers, tags, seals or cards.
371.15   Parent's responsibility.
371.16   Suspension of riding privileges; impounding of bicycles.
371.17   Helmets.
   See section histories for similar State law
   Donation of bicycles to needy families - see ADM. 141.10
   Bicycle defined - see TRAF. 301.05
   Motorcycle defined - see TRAF. 301.21
   Bicycles prohibited on freeways - see TRAF. 311.05
   Operation of vehicles on bicycle paths - see TRAF. 331.39
   Motorcycle operator's license required - see TRAF. 335.01
   Motorcycle headlight - see TRAF. 337.03
   Motorcycle brakes - see TRAF. 337.19
   Off-highway motorcycles - see TRAF. Ch. 375