General Provisions
   34.01   Fiscal year period
   34.02   Tax collection period
Specific Taxes
   34.15   Privilege taxes generally
   34.16   Wholesale beer tax
   34.17   Lodging tax
Purchases and Contracts
   34.30   Manager designated as purchasing officer
   34.31   Supplies, equipment and the like acquired by purchasing officer; exception
   34.32   General procedure
   34.33   Purchase of emergency replacement parts for existing equipment
   34.34   When formal sealed bids required
   34.35   Newspaper notice inviting bids
   34.36   Advertising purchases on bulletin board in the city hall and on the city website
   34.37   Bid deposits
   34.38   Submission, identification, opening and tabulation of bids
   34.39   Rejection of bids
   34.40   Bids not to be accepted from person in default on payments due city
   34.41   Considerations in determining lowest responsible bidder
   34.42   Statement when award not given low bidder
   34.43   Award in case of tie bids
   34.44   Performance bond
   34.45   Records of bids
   34.46   Division of purchases or contracts to avoid requirements of subchapter
   34.47   Officers and employees not to have financial interest
Cost Recovery
   34.60   Purpose
   34.61   Definitions
   34.62   Liability for cost
   34.63   Collection and disbursement of funds
   34.64   Methods of enforcement
   34.65   Conflict with other laws
   Collection of fines, costs and litigation taxes, see § 32.07