The intent and purpose of this title is to implement applicable goals, objectives and policies of the 1996 comprehensive plan. The comprehensive plan's stated policies set forth below are concrete commitments to act. They are few in number but of overriding importance to the future of the Ennis community. The operative word in each statement is "shall":
   A.   Stop Suburban Sprawl: All governmental actions, including infrastructure development, regulatory procedures or administrative practices, shall be designed and executed to stop "suburban sprawl". For example, enact regulations and incentives to control the development of lands abutting existing highways and to concentrate development in existing neighborhoods that can be more efficiently serviced by community infrastructure and facilities.
   B.   Protect Natural Environment: Measures shall be enacted and enforced to protect the area's natural environment. Such measures include, for example: storm water management, wetland and flood susceptibility areas protection and agricultural land/open space preservation.
   C.   Retain Small Town Character: Measures appropriate and essential to maintaining the "small town" character and the unique Ennis quality of life shall be implemented. Such measures include: facilitating affordable housing, keeping Main Street traffic lanes and parking as they are presently configured and enacting new zoning and other regulatory provisions providing in town development incentives balanced by qualitative design requirements.
   D.   Protect Agricultural Lands: Agricultural lands shall be protected from infringement by urban development. Protective actions include: adopting and enforcing regulatory codes designed to preserve economically sustainable agricultural units while affording farmers and ranchers opportunity to market a limited number of development rights consistent with the other goals, objectives and policies of this plan; and, by rejecting development proposals that will result in farm and ranch operational conflicts and higher real estate and special interest district taxes.
   E.   Promote Basic Sector Jobs: Private and public entities providing basic sector employment opportunities shall be afforded assistance and reasonable incentives to locate and expand in the Ennis area provided they do not adversely impact the "plan's goals, objectives and foregoing policies". (Ord. 131, 3-14-2002)