A.   Compliance Required: Land and structures within the jurisdictional area may only be used or occupied, and structures or parts thereof may only be erected, moved, or altered, in accordance with the provisions of this title.
   B.   Responsibility Of Owner: The owner of land or structures shall be responsible for tenants' compliance with this title.
   C.   Zoning Relationship To Other Codes: The requirements of this zoning ordinance operate in addition to those requirements established under other town codes, except that where conflicts with other town codes may occur these zoning requirements shall govern.
   D.   Zoning Relationship To Covenants: Recorded covenants and restrictions, more restrictive than these zoning provisions, shall govern provided they are properly drafted and recorded and are enforceable at law. Zoning requirements that are more restrictive than covenants and restrictions shall govern. The town of Ennis shall not be held responsible for the enforcement of private covenants and restrictions.
   E.   Existing Property Uses Exempt: All regulations adopted by the town shall pertain to future use of property and not affect the existing use of property. Any change of land use or structures are subject to the provisions set forth in this title. (Ord. 131, 3-14-2002)