A.   Incorporated By Reference: The "Official Zoning Map of Ennis, Montana" and all notations, references and other information shown on the map are hereby incorporated by reference and made a part of this title. It shall be the final authority as to the current status of zoning districts in the town of Ennis zoning jurisdictional area.
   B.   Maintaining And Revising Map: The official zoning map, prepared on a stable, reproducible material suitable for revisions and additions, shall be kept in a secure location. The map shall:
      1.   Signature: Bear the mayor's signature, attested by the town clerk-treasurer, together with the date the ordinance was adopted.
      2.   Seal: Bear the town of Ennis seal under the following words: "This shall certify that this is the Ennis, Montana Official Zoning Map referred to in Section 01.06 of Ordinance # 131 of the Town of Ennis, Montana".
      3.   Revisions: The official zoning map may be amended or revised only in conformity with the procedures specified in this title. Whenever the town commission makes any revisions to the zoning districts, the revisions shall be promptly entered upon the map and a signed and dated certification attached to the map. No amendment to district boundaries shall become effective until those revisions have been made and are presented to the town commission by the zoning administrator.
      4.   Control And Filing: The official zoning map shall be maintained under the control of the zoning administrator or responsible delegate at all times. A copy of the official zoning map, duly certified by the zoning administrator, shall be filed in the office of the town clerk-treasurer. Each revision to the official zoning map adopted by the town commission, duly certified by the zoning administrator, shall likewise be filed in the town clerk-treasurer's office.
   C.   Loss, Damage, Destruction And Replacement: In the event that the official zoning map is damaged, destroyed, lost or becomes difficult to interpret, the town commission may, by resolution, adopt a new official zoning map which shall supersede the prior official zoning map. The new official zoning map may correct drafting errors or omissions in the prior map, but no such corrections shall have the effect of amending the original official zoning map or subsequent amendment thereof. The new map shall be certified in the same manner as the original zoning map, noting that it supersedes the prior map. (Ord. 131, 3-14-2002)