Any building, structure or use of land, when erected or enlarged, shall provide for off-street parking spaces for motor vehicles in accordance with the following provisions of this chapter.  A parking plan shall be required for all uses. The parking plan shall be submitted to the City as part of the application for the  building permit.  The plan shall show the boundaries of the property, parking spaces, access driveways, circulation patterns, drainage and construction plans, boundary walls, fences and a screening plan, where appropriate.
   Whenever a building or use constructed or established after the effective date of this Code is changed or enlarged in floor area, number of employees, number of dwelling units, seating capacity or otherwise, to create a need for an increase of ten (10) percent or more in the number of existing parking spaces, such spaces shall be provided on the basis of the enlargement or change.  Whenever a building or use existing prior to the effective date of this Code is enlarged to the extent of fifty (50) percent or more in floor area or in the area used, such building or use shall then comply with the parking requirements set forth herein.
(Ord. 98-176.  Passed 8-3-98.)