Off-Street Parking and Loading
   EDITOR'S NOTE:  All references to "City Solicitor" in this chapter have been changed to "City Law Director" to reflect the Charter Amendment passed by electors on May 8, 2001, and upon the adoption of Ordinance 2001-96, passed June 4, 2001.
1175.01   General requirements.
1175.02   Location, size and access.
1175.03   Parking in COS, R-LD, R-MD, R-UD, R-TH, R-MHL, R-MHH AND R-MHP Districts.
1175.04   Units of measurement.
1175.05   Mixed uses and collective provision.
1175.06   Number of spaces required.
1175.07   Parking requirements for persons with a disability.
1175.08   Parking facilities; development and maintenance.
1175.09   Access drives and parking facilities for uses other than one and two household uses.
1175.10   Establishment of restricted accessory parking area.
1175.11   Required off-street loading and unloading space.
1175.12   Off-street loading design standards.
1175.13   Zoning permit required for off-street parking and loading facilities.
   Power of municipality relative to off-street parking - see Ohio R.C. 717.05
   Parking regulations - see TRAF. Ch. 351
   Parking in subdivisions - see P. & Z. 1112.09
   Truck loading zones - see TRAF. 351.09
   Loading noise - see GEN. OFF. 509.08(c) (6)