(a)   Arcade Amusement Centers. In addition to any other condition or regulation contained in this chapter or in State statutes, the following conditions and regulations shall be applicable to and shall govern and control all licensees of arcade amusement centers:
      (1)   Each such licensee shall at all times open each and every portion of the premises for inspection by the Police Division and other City departments for the purposes of enforcing any provisions of this chapter.
      (2)   Each such licensee shall have present on the premises at all times when the premises are open to the public at least one adult operator who has not been convicted of any felony or of any misdemeanor involving the operation of an amusement device business or involving physical violence, gambling activities, controlled substances, alcoholic beverages, minors or any crime involving moral turpitude.
      (3)   No such licensee shall open the premises for business except between the following hours (local time) on the following days:
         A.   Sunday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.; and
         B.   Friday and Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
      (4)   No such licensee shall allow living quarters to exist with direct entry to the premises.
      (5)   No such licensee shall operate the amusement device business other than on street level or on a level within three feet thereof.
      (6)   No such licensee shall allow any person, other than an owner or operator over the age of eighteen years, who shall be readily identifiable, to be in control of the premises, nor allow such operator to be regularly situated in a place upon the premises other than a place from which he has an unobstructed view of the entire portion of the premises devoted to the operation of amusement devices.
      (7)   No such licensee shall permit any person under the age of fifteen years upon the premises, unless accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or adult member of the immediate family of such person, or as part of a supervised field trip.
      (8)   No such licensee shall permit any person under the age of eighteen years upon the premises if either parent or legal guardian of such person notifies the licensee of his objection to such minor's presence upon the premises. Such notification shall be in writing, accompanied by a recent photograph of such minor, and be delivered to the licensee or operator in person or by registered U.S. mail.
      (9)   No person under the age of eighteen years shall be permitted in an arcade amusement center before 4:00 p.m. on a school day and/or when school is in session.
   (b)   Accessory Amusement Areas and Arcade Amusement Centers. All amusement devices upon the premises of accessory amusement areas and arcade amusement centers shall be located thereon in conformity with the floor plan filed with the application for the license and in such a manner:
      (1)   So as not to impair ingress or egress to the premises;
      (2)   So as not to interfere with free and unfettered passage through the premises;
      (3)   So that at least 100 gross square feet of floor area is specifically designated for each amusement device, excluding areas used for other principal uses;
      (4)   So that there shall be a minimum unobstructed area of five feet on either side of each amusement device where persons may use, watch or wait to use such amusement device;
      (5)   So as to permit a clear and complete view of the interior of the premises immediately upon entry; and
      (6)   So that the back of any amusement device is not exposed to a window.
(Ord. 88-84.  Passed 3-7-88.)