There is hereby created and established a Housing and Redevelopment Commission which shall consist of seven members, as follows: a member of the Planning Commission, a member of the Board of Building Standards and Appeals and five resident members who shall be appointed by the Mayor, who shall be qualified electors of the City and who shall not hold any other office or employment with the City.
   The five resident members shall serve for terms of three years. However, the first appointment of the resident members of the Commission by the Mayor shall be as follows: one of such members shall be appointed for a one-year term; two for a two-year term; and two for a three-year term. Thereafter, each resident member shall be appointed for a three-year term and shall continue in office until his successor is appointed. Appointed members shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.
   The Commission shall provide for ex-officio seats. These seats will be filled by the Mayor, the Chairman of the Council Committee on Community Development and Improvement, the Safety-Service Director, the Administrative Legal Counsel, the Administrative Finance Counsel and a designated member of the Community Planning and Renewal Department. Other ex-officio seats upon the Commission may be provided as the Commission deems advisable. Such ex-officio members shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Commission and approved by a majority vote of the Commission membership and shall serve at the pleasure of the Chairman of the Commission. Ex-officio members of the Commission shall have the right to attend meetings and to take part in discussion, but they shall not vote upon any matter coming before the Commission, nor shall they be counted in determining voting or quorum requirements.
(Ord. 68-61.  Passed 4-1-68.)