Street Excavations
903.01   Definitions
903.02   Permit required.
903.03   Work limitations.
903.04   Time for commencement of work.
903.05   Transferability of permits; work site.
903.06   Expiration of permits.
903.07   Municipal utilities and contractors.
903.08   Alternate restoration procedure.
903.09   Permit limitations; rights of City.
903.10   Revocation of permits; notice; remedy of City.
903.11   Duties and responsibilities of applicants.
903.12   Duties and responsibilities of permittees; fees and charges.
903.13   Excavating procedure and conditions.
903.14   Backfilling and restoration.
903.15   Amount of deposit; uses.
903.16   Form of deposit.
903.17   Insufficient deposit; remedy by City.
903.18   Annual deposit.
903.19   Deposit and cost schedules.
903.20   Decision on costs.
903.21   Refund of deposit.
903.22   Maintenance bond requirements; alternate provisions where City does not restore street opening.
903.23   Default in performance; notice.
903.24   Responsibility of surety.
903.25   Insurance requirements.
903.26   Notices of improvements.
903.27   Time limitation on excavations.
903.28   Map requirements.
903.29   Abandoned facilities.
903.30   Notices to property owners and tenants; permit fees.
903.31   Notices to police and fire authorities.
903.99   Penalty.
Openings by the Municipality - see Ohio R. C . 723.02
Surface treatment -see Ohio R. C. 723.23, 723.31
Excavation liability -see Ohio R. C. 723.49 et seq.
Changing established grade -see Ohio R. C. 727.07
Digging, excavating and piling earth on streets -see Ohio R.C. 5589.10
Closing streets during repair -see TRAF.  311.04
Barricades and warning lights -see GEN. OFF.  521.03
Street and sidewalk areas generally -see S.U. & P. S. Ch. 901