General Provisions
   53.001   Definitions
   53.002   Establishment of charges
   53.003   Tampering with sewage works
   53.004   Right of entry for purposes of inspection, testing and the like
   53.005   Appeals; review by Water and Sewer Commission
   53.006   Variances
Use of Public Sewers Required
   53.020   Disposition of objectionable items in unsanitary manner prohibited
   53.021   Treatment required prior to discharge to natural outlet
   53.022   Connection to public sewer; private disposal systems
   53.023   New construction requiring sewer building construction permit
Building Sewers and Connections
   53.035   Separate building sewer required; exceptions
   53.036   Use of old building sewers
   53.037   Size, slope, alignment and materials of building sewer construction
   53.038   Laying of building sewer in relation to water line
   53.039   Laying of building sewer in relation to wells
   53.040   Elevation requirements for building sewer
   53.041   Excavations for building sewer installation
   53.042   Classes of permits; applications
   53.043   Permit required for connection
   53.044   Licensed plumber to perform work; exception
   53.045   Prohibited connections
   53.046   Inspection by Director
   53.047   Responsibility of owner for cost of installation or connection
   53.048   Disused building sewer lines to be sealed
   53.049   Revocation of permit
Regulation of Discharges to Public Sewers
   53.060   Prohibited discharges
   53.061   Limitations on discharges of unusual strength of character; criteria for consideration
   53.062   Alternative methods for handling restricted discharges
   53.063   Restricted discharges subject to review by Commission; preliminary treatment
   53.064   Grease, oil and sand interceptors
   53.065   Maintenance of preliminary treatment and flow-equalizing facilities
   53.066   Control manholes
   53.067   Authority of Commission to require certain information from user
   53.068   Standard for measurement; tests and analyses
   53.069   Special agreements
   53.070   State requirements of public sewer connection
Sewer Extensions
   53.085   Compliance with state and town requirements; Commission approval of plans required
   53.086   Construction of sewer extensions and building sewers by town; assessment of costs
   53.087   Construction by property owner, builder or developer; responsibility for costs; compliance with section
   53.088   To be designed by registered engineer
   53.089   Extensions to be tested prior to acceptance by Commission
Resolution Regarding Adoption of Sewer Use Charges;
Sewer Rates and Charges Generally
   53.100   Definitions
   53.101   Sewer Operation, Maintenance and Replacement Fund
   53.102   Rates and charges
   53.103   Billing and late charges
   53.104   Reporting requirements
   53.105   Review of charges by Commission
   53.106   Annual charges by Commission
   53.107   Methodology to be used in calculating user charge rates and surcharges
Sewer Rates and Charges
   53.120   Sewer rates and charges
   53.999   Penalty