Trees and Weeds
543.01   Definitions.
543.02   Master Street Tree Plan.
543.03   Permit required.
543.04   Planting of trees near driveways and intersections.
543.05   Placing deleterious substances near trees.   
543.06   Prohibiting stone or concrete on ground adjacent to tree trunk.
543.07   Protection of trees during building operations.
543.08   Moving of trees; permit and deposit or bond required.
543.09   Trimming of trees on public property.
543.10   Certain trees prohibited.
543.11   Preservation and removal of trees on public property.
543.12   Interference with tree work.
543.13   Trimming of trees and shrubbery on private property.
543.14   Removal of weeds and litter by owner or occupant; assessment of costs by Municipality.
543.15   Removal or destruction of trees on vacant lots.
543.16   Tree management.
543.99   Penalty.
Park and Shade Tree Commission - see ADM. Ch. 143
Injury or destruction of trees - see GEN. OFF. 541.06, 539.02