Refuse Collection
951.01    Definitions.
951.02    Specifications for refuse containers.
951.03    Collection by City or authorized motor carrier.
951.04    Department of Sanitation created; powers and duties.
951.05    Rates.
951.06    Revenues placed in General Fund; records.
951.07    Revision of rate schedule.
951.08    Accumulation of refuse.
951.09    Unlawful disposal or delivery.
951.10    Proper storage of refuse; preparation for collection.
951.11    Collection of improperly stored refuse.
951.12    Storage in enclosed structure required.
951.13    Time frame for setting out garbage, refuse and trash for collection.
951.99    Penalty.
Power to regulate - see W. Va. Code 8-12-5(10) et seq.
Placing material in streets - see TRAF. 311.01
Loads dropping or leaking - see TRAF. 347.04