(a)   Gas station with convenience store. Signs are permitted on canopy poles subject to the following conditions:
      (1)   No more than four (4) single-sided signs are allowed.
      (2)   All signs must be placed within enclosures created for this purpose.
      (3)   Individual signs may not exceed twelve (12) square feet in surface area.
      (4)   The surface area (square footage) of canopy pole signs will be considered coverage for purposes of calculating the total coverage allowance for the building wall facing the road which the canopy pole signs face.
      (5)   All other district sign regulations remain in effect.
   (b)   Town Center District, except Residential Overlay. A-frame signs are permitted subject to the following conditions:
      (1)   Only one sign per business is allowed.
      (2)   Signs shall be placed on the ground or sidewalk in front of the business only during the hours the business is open and shall be removed when the business is not open to the public.
      (3)   No sign shall exceed a height of four feet above the ground or ten square feet per sign face. Signs placed on the sidewalk at street level shall not exceed 24 inches in width.
      (4)   Signs must be durable, sturdy and stable. The frame shall be wood and the sign face shall be black chalkboard. Signs must be double-sided.
      (5)   Signs shall be positioned to allow adequate sidewalk clearance for pedestrians and wheelchairs and may not be placed in a way that interferes with the opening of doors of parked vehicles. Signs may only be placed on the sidewalk at the street level where the walkway is at least seven feet wide. Signs may be placed in the greenspace between the building and the sidewalk or upon a raised sidewalk or step if one exists.
      (6)   Signs may not be illuminated by any means and may not have any moving parts.
(Ord. 2011-2. Passed 4-11-11; Ord. 2017-1. Passed 2-13-17.)