It is the intent of this section to permit the continuance of a lawful use of any sign existing at the effective date of adoption of this chapter, although such structure may not conform with the provisions of this Chapter. It is the intent that any existing signs which do not meet the requirements of this Chapter shall not be enlarged upon, expanded or extended, and further, that such signs shall be gradually eliminated and terminated upon their natural deterioration or accidental destruction, subject to the conditions as set forth herein. Any sign existing on the effective date of this Chapter which does not meet the requirements of this Chapter:
   (a)   Shall not have any face, support or other part structurally changed, altered, substituted or enlarged unless the sign is brought into conformance with the requirements of this Chapter, except that nothing shall prohibit the regular maintenance of any sign as defined herein.
   (b)   Shall not have changes made in the words or symbols used or the message displayed unless the sign is designed for periodic change of message.
   (c)   Shall not be reestablished after the activity, business or use to which it relates has been discontinued for a period of ninety days or longer. Such discontinuance shall be considered conclusive evidence of an intention to legally abandon the sign related thereto.
   (d)   Shall not be reestablished after damage or destruction if the estimated cost of reconstruction exceeds fifty percent of the replacement cost.
   (e)   Shall not be placed, maintained or displayed by anyone other than the person who owned the premises on the date of adoption of this Chapter.
(Ord. 2003-7. Passed 1-12-04; Ord. 2011-2. Passed 4-11-11.)