846.09 APPEALS.
   (a)   The Village of Dimondale Board of Appeals shall constitute a board of appeals for purposes of this Chapter. The Board of Appeals may authorize a variance from the requirements of this Chapter upon request provided the following standards are fully met:
      (1)   There is a practical difficulty in carrying out the strict letter of this chapter.
      (2)   The practical difficulty is due to unique circumstances related to the particular property and not general to other property in the district.
      (3)   The problem was not created by the applicant.
      (4)   Granting the variance will not alter the essential character of the neighborhood or district.
   (b)   Every variance granted shall be in the minimum amount necessary to overcome the inequity inherent in the particular property.
(Ord. 2003-7. Passed 1-12-04; Ord. 2011-2. Passed 4-11-11.)