For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   (a)   “A-frame sign,” also known as a “sandwich board sign,” means a sign exclusively allowed in the Town Center (Business District) during regular business hours in front of the business it advertises and subject to the conditions described herein.
   (b)   “Abandoned sign” means a sign which no longer identifies or advertises a bona fide business.
   (c)   “Awning sign” means a sign which appears on a roof-like cover extended over or in front of a building for the purpose of shelter or protection.
   (d)   “Banner sign” means a temporary sign made of fabric or any nonrigid material with no enclosing framework, including pennants and streamers. These signs are only permitted for grand openings and special events or promotions.
   (e)   “Billboard” means an off-premise sign applied to panels with three-hundred square feet or more of display area and used for outdoor advertising of a business, product, service, event, person or subject including those signs as regulated by the Michigan Department of Transportation pursuant to Public Act 106 of 1972, as amended.
   (f)   “Changeable copy sign (automatic)” means a sign on which the copy changes automatically on a lampbank or through mechanical means with a minimum interval between copy changes of not less than thirty seconds.
   (g)   “Changeable copy sign (manual)” means a sign on which copy is changed manually in the field.
   (h)   “Construction sign” means a temporary sign identifying an architect, contractor, subcontractor, and/or material supplier participating in construction on the property on which the sign is located.
   (i)   “Directional/Information sign” means a sign giving directions, instructions, or facility information and which may contain the name and logo of an establishment but no advertising copy, e.g. parking or exit and entrance signs.
   (j)   “Flashing sign” means a sign which contains an intermittent or sequential flashing light source used primarily to attract attention, not including changeable copy signs.
   (k)   “Free-standing sign” means a sign, the principle support of which is independent of any building. This includes signs supported upon the ground by poles and braces and signs supported by monuments placed in the ground surface.
   (l)   “Government sign” means any temporary or permanent sign erected and maintained by the village, township, county, state or federal government.
   (m)   “Grand opening sign” means a temporary sign advertising the opening of a new business or facility.
   (n)   “Height of a sign” means the vertical distance measured from the highest point of the sign, excluding decorative embellishments, to the surface grade beneath the sign.
   (o)   “Identification sign” means a sign whose copy is limited to the name and address of a building, institution or person and/or to the activity or occupation being identified.
   (p)   “Illegal sign” means a sign which does not meet the requirements of this code.
   (q)   “Illuminated sign” means a sign that provides artificial light directly or through any transparent or translucent material from a source of light connected with such sign, or a sign illuminated by a light source so shielded that no direct rays from it are visible from any public right-of-way or from the abutting property. (Illuminated signs are prohibited in certain zoning districts.)
   (r)   “Maintenance” means the cleaning, painting, repair or replacement of defective parts of a sign in a manner that does not alter the basic copy, design or structure of the sign.
   (s)   “Marquee sign” means any sign attached to or supported by a permanent roof-like structure or canopy of rigid materials supported by and extending from the facade of a building.
   (t)   “Nameplate” means a non-electric on-premise identification sign giving only the name and/or address of the occupant.
   (u)   “Off premise sign” means a sign which directs attention to a use, business, commodity, service or activity not conducted, sold or offered upon the premises where the sign is located.
   (v)   “On-premise sign” means a sign which pertains to the use of the premises on which it is located.
   (w)   “Political sign” means a temporary sign used in connection with a local, state or national election or referendum.
   (x)   “Projecting sign” means a double-sided sign with an identical message on both sides that is affixed to a building or a single pole in such a way that the sign is placed perpendicular to the road.
   (y)   “Real estate sign” means a temporary sign advertising the real estate upon which the sign is located as being for rent, lease or sale, or a temporary off-premise directional sign advertising an open house for another piece of real estate in the immediate area.
   (z)   “Roof sign” means any sign erected over or on the roof of a building.
   (aa)   “Sign” means any device, structure, fixture or placard using graphics, symbols and/or written copy designed specifically for the purpose of advertising or identifying any establishment, product, services, goods or event.
   (bb)   “Sign, area of” shall be calculated as follows:
      (1)   The area of a free-standing or projecting sign shall have only one face (the largest one) of any double or multi-faced sign counted in calculating its area. The area within a single continuous perimeter enclosing the extreme limits of lettering, representations, emblems and figures of each sign together with all material or color forming an integral part of the display shall be summed and then totaled to determine total area. The perimeter of measurable area shall not include embellishments such as pole covers, framing, decorative roofing, and the like, provided there is not written advertising copy on such embellishments. If the sign is composed of more than two sign cabinets or modules, the area enclosing the entire perimeter or all cabinets and/or modules within a single, continuous geometric figure shall be the area of the sign.
      (2)   The area of a wall, marquee or awning sign shall be measured within a single, continuous perimeter composed of any straight line geometric figure which encloses the extreme limits of the advertising message.
   (cc)   “Special event or promotion” means an extraordinary activity such as an anniversary or unusual campaign or sale.
   (dd)   “Special event or promotion sign” means a temporary sign advertising an extraordinary occurrence or a particular sale, product or cause. These signs are only allowed with the approval of the Zoning Administrator.
   (ee)   “Subdivision identification sign” means a free-standing or wall sign identifying a recognized subdivision, condominium complex or residential development.
   (ff)   “Temporary sign” means a display sign, banner or advertising device with or without a structural frame intended for a limited period of display, including displays for holidays or public events.
   (gg)   “Wall sign” means a sign attached parallel to and extending not more than four inches from the wall of a building. This includes painted, individual letter and cabinet signs.
   (hh)   “Window sign” means a sign installed inside a window and intended to be viewed from the outside.
(Ord. 2003-7. Passed 1-12-04; Ord. 2011-2. Passed 4-11-11; Ord. 2017-1. Passed 2-13-17.)