Article A: General Provisions
6-4-1   Domestic Animals and Fowl at Large
6-4-2   Keeping Cows and Hogs
6-4-3   Killing or Molesting Birds
6-4-4   Vicious Animals
6-4-5   Cruelty to Animals
6-4-6   Animals Constituting a Nuisance
6-4-7   Raising and Keeping Farm Animals Prohibited
6-4-8   Raising and Keeping Chickens and Fowl within Residential Districts of the City Limits
Article B: Dogs
6-4-9   Definitions
6-4-10   Limitation on number of dogs
6-4-11   Rabies Inoculation Required
6-4-12   Tag Indicating Inoculation; to be Fastened to Dog Collar
6-4-13   Duty of Owner When Dog Develops Symptoms of Rabies
6-4-14   Leash Law
6-4-15   Vicious or Diseased Dogs
6-4-16   Bitches in Heat
6-4-17   Impoundment
6-4-18   Biting Dog
6-4-19   Records to be Kept
6-4-20   Violations
Article C: Cats
6-4-23   Definitions
6-4-24   Limitation on Number of Cats
6-4-25   Rabies Inoculation Required
6-4-26   Tag Indicating an Inoculation; to Be Fastened to Cat Collar
6-4-27   Duty of Owner When Cat Develops Symptoms of Rabies
6-4-28   Allowing Cats to Run at Large; Penalty
6-4-29   Vicious Cats
6-4-30   Notices of Violations
6-4-31   Violations