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      (1)   DIRECTOR means the director of the department designated by the city manager to enforce and administer this article or the director’s authorized representative.
      (2)   FRANCHISEE means a person who has been granted a franchise under this article and Chapter XIV of the city charter to operate a solid waste collection service in the city.
      (3)   GROSS RECEIPTS means any revenue directly or indirectly received or generated from or in connection with any solid waste collection service provided within the city, excluding the following amounts:
         (A)   disposal fees paid to the city by a franchisee;
         (B)   annual bad debt write-off amounts on uncollectible accounts for solid waste collection service, provided that the write-off allowed is verified by adequate supporting documentation and does not reduce the annual gross receipts by more than three percent;
         (C)   revenues received or generated for any solid waste collection service provided on behalf of the city by the franchisee pursuant to a written contract with the city; and
         (D)   revenues directly received or generated from the processing of recyclable materials.
      (4)   PERSON means an individual, corporation, firm, government or governmental subdivision, partnership, joint venture, limited liability company, or other business entity.
      (5)   SOLID WASTE COLLECTION SERVICE means the business of:
         (A)   removing wet or dry solid waste from any premises; or
         (B)   transporting, processing, or disposing of wet or dry solid waste. (Ord. Nos. 17226; 21058; 26480; 26608)