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SEC. 18-31.   DEFENSES.
   It is a defense to prosecution under this article, except for Sections 18-30(b) and (c), 18-45, 18-47, 18-49, 18-50, and 18-51, that the solid waste collection service:
      (1)   was operated by a governmental entity;
      (2)   was only collecting, transporting, or processing recyclable materials; or
      (3)   did not operate a vehicle, or cause or permit the operation of a vehicle, more than twice during any calendar year to:
         (A)   remove dry or wet solid waste from any premises within the city; or
         (B)   transport, process, or dispose of wet or dry solid waste within the city. (Ord. Nos. 21058; 21163; 26480; 26608)