A.   Surveys And Recommendations: When requested to do so by the owner, tenant, or any person authorized to make such a request by the owner or tenant of any building within the city limits, it shall be the duty of the city building inspector to make a complete survey of all electrical wiring or all plumbing or all gas heating installations and pipes or any other heating installations and pipes in any building within the city limits and to make such recommendations for the alteration, repair or replacement of any such installations or systems, as the circumstances require; and if so requested, the building inspector shall make his recommendation in writing, and furnish copies to the owner of the building and the person making the request, if not the owner, and file one copy in his office.
   B.   Survey Fees: Such requests shall be made in writing and the application shall be accompanied by the following prescribed fees, which shall be deposited with the city clerk and by him paid to the city treasurer:
For a complete survey of a building used for residential purposes and having accommodations for not more than three (3) families, the sum of five dollars ($5.00) per story; and for a complete survey of buildings used for other purposes including buildings used for residential purposes and having accommodations for four (4) or more families and for building used for both residential and other purposes, the sum of ten dollars ($10.00) per story. (Ord. 15.24)