A.   The building inspector shall be responsible for the plan review coordination and for issuance of building permits.
   B.   Upon application by any person for a building permit, the building inspector shall review the plans for compliance with the codes adopted in section 10-1-1 of this chapter. The building inspector shall submit the plans to any other affected city department for review and approval by the department before issuance of a permit.
   C.   Building plan review shall be completed by the building inspector within thirty (30) working days of submittal by applicant.
   D.   The building inspector may, in proper cases, request the aid of the building codes division, other state agencies, or professional consultants to aid in coordination of review. In such cases, the building inspector may lengthen the completion time for review by ten (10) working days when necessary. (Ord. 15.03 Amended, 10-3-2005)