A.   Duties: The park advisory board shall advise the governing body of the city of Cut Bank as to the management and control of the swimming pool, skating rinks, playgrounds, civic center, youth center, and any combinations thereof, and of all parks belonging to the city of Cut Bank. The park advisory board shall have the following powers and be charged with the following duties:
      1.   To lay out, establish, improve, and maintain parkways, drives, and walks in the parks of the city of Cut Bank, and to make plats thereof and to file the same in the office of the city clerk-treasurer, and to determine when and what parks shall be opened to the public.
      2.   The park advisory board shall promulgate all rules and regulations for the use of parks, lands, buildings, improvements, and recreational programs by the public and to provide penalties for the violation of such rules and regulations, said penalties having full force and effect upon approval by resolution of the governing body of the city of Cut Bank.
   B.   Program Of Public Recreation And Playgrounds: The park advisory board may also operate a program of public recreation and playgrounds, and for this purpose, may acquire, equip and maintain land, buildings, and other recreational facilities and may provide advice to the governing body in regard to expenditure of funds from the park fund for these purposes. (Ord. 2010-03, 11-1-2010)