2-1-4: OFFICERS:
   A.   Officers Of The Board: In July of each year, the park advisory board shall meet and organize by electing one of their members as president and one of its members as vice president. Each of these officers shall hold their office for a period of one year. The president, and in his absence, the vice president, shall preside at all meetings of the board and perform such other duties as shall be required and directed by the board. The mayor shall not be eligible to hold these offices.
   B.   Clerk:
      1.   The city clerk-treasurer, or her appointee, shall be ex officio clerk of the park advisory board, and shall attend all meetings of the board and keep correct minutes of all proceedings of the board in a book provided for that purpose, to be called "Record Of The Board Of Park Commissioners Of The City Of Cut Bank" or by transcribing the recorded meetings. It shall be the duty of clerk to keep an accurate account of all transactions for the park advisory board, to keep all transactions of the board separate from other city accounts, to make and submit in writing to the board at the first meeting in August of each year a report, under oath, showing in detail all of the receipts and disbursements made from the park fund by the city council during the year, which report shall be in duplicate, and after being approved by the board, one of the duplicates shall be filed in the office of the city clerk-treasurer and the other retained in the records of the park advisory board.
      2.   In the absence of the clerk at any meeting held by the board, the board shall designate one of its members as clerk pro tem to keep the minutes of the meeting, which minutes shall be delivered to the clerk to be transcribed into the record book of the board. The minutes of the meeting and the record book, when approved by the board, shall be prima facie evidence of the matters and things therein recited in any court of the state of Montana. (Ord. 2010-03, 11-1-2010)