General Provisions 
   7.01.005   Violation and penalty
   7.01.010   Applicability of Vehicle Code definitions
   7.01.015   Definitions
Traffic Administration
   7.01.100   Duty of Chief of Police
   7.01.105   Duty of City Engineer
   7.01.110   Duty of Public Works Director
   7.01.115   Traffic accident studies
   7.01.120   Traffic accident reports
   7.01.125   Annual Traffic Safety Report
   7.01.130   Authority to erect emergency parking signs
   7.01.135   Traffic Committee; duties
Enforcement and Obedience to Traffic Regulations
   7.01.200   Authority of police and fire departments to direct traffic
   7.01.205   Unauthorized person shall not direct traffic
   7.01.210   Obedience to barriers and signs
   7.01.215   Obstruction or interference with police or authorized officers
   7.01.220   Removal of marks
   7.01.225   Public employees to obey traffic regulations
   7.01.230   Exemptions to certain vehicles; effect of exemption
   7.01.235   Removal of vehicles
   7.01.240   Curb markings to indicate parking regulations
Traffic Control Devices
   7.01.300   Authority to install traffic control devices
   7.01.305   Traffic control signs required for enforcement purposes
   7.01.310   Installation of traffic signals and street name signs
   7.01.315   Lane marking
   7.01.320   Authority to remove, relocate and discontinue traffic control devices
   7.01.325   Hours of operation
   7.01.330   Distinctive roadway markings
   7.01.335   Unauthorized painting of curbs