16.04   General Provisions
   16.08   Design Standards
   16.12   Tentative Map
   16.14   Vesting Tentative Maps
   16.16   Final Map
   16.18   Urban Lot Splits and Two-Unit Housing Developments
   16.20   Parcel Map
   16.21   Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee Program
   16.22   Temescal Canyon Public Safety Fee
   16.23   Development Impact Fees
   16.24   Improvement Requirements
   16.25   South Corona Development Fees and Credits
   16.26   Exactions for Interim School Facilities Pursuant to ‘SB 201'
   16.27   Mitigation of Local School Impaction
   16.28   Certificates of Occupancy
   16.29   Fees for the Preservation of Threatened and Endangered Species
   16.30   Subdivision Model Home Construction
   16.31   Notification to Prospective Home Buyers in New Residential Developments of Assessment and Community Facilities Districts and Attendance at Local Schools
   16.32   Modifications
   16.33   Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) Mitigation Fee
   16.34   Amendment of Final Maps
   16.35   Park Dedication and In Lieu Fees
   16.36   Appeals
   16.40   Lot Line Adjustments