A.   Covering Required: Any person who shall dig, construct, maintain, own or use, either as proprietor, tenant or otherwise, any irrigation ditch, drain, canal or pipe, within the corporate limits of the city, shall keep such irrigation ditch, drain, canal or pipe substantially covered by sinking, imbedding, covering and protecting such ditch, drain, canal or pipe in such manner so that the same shall cause no injury to person or property, nor obstruction or impediment to the free, convenient and safe use of any private property or any street, avenue or alley within said corporate limits of the city.
   B.   Streets, Avenues Or Alleys: Wherever possible, such irrigation ditch, drain, canal or pipe shall be constructed, maintained, used, sunk and imbedded through, along and under the surface of a street, avenue or alley of the city. (Ord. 389, 8-16-2004)
   C.   Violation; Penalty: Any person offending against any of the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of creating or maintaining a nuisance, as the case may be and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined as provided in section 1-4-2 of this code, and the city judge may, as a part of the judgment in such case, order that such nuisance be abated by the chief of police at the cost of the person so digging, constructing, maintaining, owning or using the property causing such nuisance. (Ord. 389, 8-16-2004; amd. 2015 Code)