A.   Removal From Sidewalks:
      1.   Duty To Remove: It shall be the duty of the owner or tenant of any premises within the limits of the city to keep the sidewalks in front of and abutting his premises free and safe for pedestrians and use all reasonable dispatch to remove snow, ice, slush, mud, and other threats to safe foot travel and to prevent the accumulation of the same upon such sidewalks. The sidewalks abutting such owner's or tenant's premises must be cleared by such owner or tenant from the night's accumulation of snow and ice or other impediment before nine o'clock (9:00) A.M. following such accumulation thereof. It shall be the duty of the tenant or owner of any premises occupied by him to keep the sidewalks in front of the premises free and safe for pedestrians and to prevent the continuance and accumulation of the same upon such sidewalks. (Ord. 399, 11-17-2008)
      2.   Abatement By City: Where a complaint has been made or the city has reason to believe, after inspection and photographic documentation, that snow and ice on a sidewalk, as described herein, is present upon a sidewalk in front of and abutting his premises within the city limits, in violation of the law, then the city, through its designated representative, may direct or hire the removal of such snow and ice in order to bring the sidewalk into compliance.
      3.   Removal By City; Assessment Of Costs; Collection: Upon failure of the owner, tenant or occupant of said premises to comply with the duty to remove, then and in that event, the city shall have the right to remove such snow, ice or other impediment, and assess against said property and party or parties, a minimum fee to be determined by council resolution from time to time. Any amount so assessed, together with the costs and penalties, shall constitute a lien on the noncomplying real property and will be taxed as a special assessment against the real property. (Ord. 399, 11-17-2008; amd. 2015 Code)
   B.   Dumping: It shall be unlawful for any person to pile, deposit or dump snow or ice removed from private property on any road, street, avenue, alley or any other public place within the city at any time; and any person so offending shall be guilty of creating and fostering a nuisance, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined as provided in section 1-4-2 of this code. Any person who shall be guilty of a violation of this subsection and who shall fail to remove such ice or snow wrongfully piled, deposited or dumped by such person within three (3) hours after he shall have been notified so to do by the city police, shall be deemed guilty of a separate violation for every twenty four (24) hours such failure to remove the same continues, and subject to the same penalty for such offense provided for in this subsection. (Ord. 389, 8-16-2004; amd. 2015 Code)