A.   Merchandise: Nothing herein contained shall make it unlawful for any person to place on any sidewalk any goods, wares or merchandise which he may be receiving or delivering; provided, that a six foot (6') clear passageway be left upon said sidewalk; and provided, that such goods, wares or merchandise be not suffered to remain on such sidewalk for a longer period than six (6) hours. (Ord. 389, 8-16-2004)
   B.   Sale Stands: No person shall keep a stand for the sale of goods, wares or merchandise upon any street, avenue, alley or sidewalk, or do any act or thing to collect a crowd so as to interfere with traffic or pedestrians within the corporate limits of the city, and every person who shall violate the provisions of this subsection shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined as provided in section 1-4-2 of this code for each separate offense thereof. (Ord. 389, 8-16-2004; amd. 2015 Code)