EDITOR’S NOTE: The Charter of the City of Conneaut, Ohio was adopted by the voters on November 6, 1990. Dates appearing in parenthesis following a section heading indicate that those provisions were subsequently amended, adopted or repealed on the date given.
Art. I -    Form of Government
Sec. 1.   Name.
Sec. 2.   Council-Manager.
Sec. 3.   Home Rule Powers.
Art. II -    Legislative Authority
Sec. 1.   Council.
Sec. 2.   Qualifications.
Sec. 3.   Powers and Duties. (Amd. 11-2-04; 11-7-17)
Sec. 4.   Salaries and Surety Bonds. (Amd. 11-2-04)
Sec. 5.   Election. (11-4-97) (Amd. 11-2-04; 11-3-10; 11-8-11)
Sec. 6.   Organization.
Sec. 7.   President of Council.
Sec. 8.   President Pro-Tem of Council.
Sec. 9.   Clerk of Council.
Sec. 10.   Vacancies.
Sec. 11.   Meetings.
Sec. 12.   Council not Administrative.
Sec. 13.   Departmental Organization.
Art. III -    Legislative Procedures
Sec. 1.   Quorum.
Sec. 2.   Rules of Procedure: Journal.
Sec. 3.   Form of Legislative Action.
Art. IV -    Administrative Authority
Sec. 1.   City Manager.
Sec. 2.   Qualifications. (Amd. 11-8-11)
Sec. 3.   Powers and Duties. (Amd. 11-2-04)
Sec. 4.   Absence or Disability of the City Manager.
Sec. 5.   Tenure. (Amd. 11-6-12)
Sec. 6.   Interim City Manager.
Sec. 7.   Administrative Departments.
Sec. 8.   Heads of Departments.
Art. V -    Budgeting and Appropriations
Sec. 1.   Budget.
Sec. 2.   Appropriation Ordinance.
Art. VI -    Department of Finance
Sec. 1.   Director. (Amd. 11-6-12)
Sec. 2.   Qualifications. (Amd. 11-7-17)
Sec. 3.   Salary.
Sec. 4.   Surety Bond.
Sec. 5.   Powers and Duties.
Sec. 6.   Payment of Claims.
Sec. 7.   Certification of Funds.
Sec. 8.   Interpretation.
Sec. 9.   Bonds and Notes.
Sec. 10.   Temporary Loans.
Art. VII -    Department of Public Safety (Amd. 11-2-04).
Art. VIII -    Department of Public Service
Sec. 1.   Director.
Sec. 2.   Salary.
Sec. 3.   Surety Bond.
Sec. 4.   Powers and Duties. (Amd. 11-8-11)
Art. IX -    Department of Law
Sec. 1.   Director. (Amd. 11-6-12)
Sec. 2.   Qualifications.
Sec. 3.   Salary.
Sec. 4.   Powers and Duties.
Art. X -    Initiative, Referendum and Recall
Sec. 1.   Initiative and Referendum.
Sec. 2.   Recall. (Amd. 11-2-04).
Art. XI -    Boards and Commissions
Sec. 1.   Civil Service Commission. (Amd. 11-2-04)
Sec. 2.   City Planning Commission. (Amd. 11-2-04)
Sec. 3.   Board of Zoning and Building Standards Appeals. (Amd. 11-2-04)
Sec. 4.   Other Existing Boards and Commissions. (Amd. 11-2-04)
Art. XII -    Utilities
Sec. 1.   Powers.
Sec. 2.   Supervised by City Manager.
Sec. 3.   Sale.
Art. XIII -    Amendments
Sec. 1.   Method of Amendment. (Amd. 11-2-04; 11-8-11)
Sec. 2.   Charter Review Committee.
Sec. 3.   Separability.
Art. XIV -    Succession in Government
Sec. 1.   Effect of Charter on Existing Law.
Sec. 2.   Rights of Officers and Employees Preserved.
Sec. 3.   Continuation of Present Officers.
Sec. 4.   Transfer of Records and Property.
Sec. 5.   Continuity of Offices, Departments or Agencies.
Sec. 6.   Continuance of Contracts and Public Improvements.
Sec. 7.   Pending Actions and Proceedings.
Sec. 8.   When Provisions Take Effect.
Art. XV -    Special Search Committee
Sec. 1.   Formation of Search Committee. (Amd. 11-8-11)
Sec. 2.   Make-Up of Search Committee. (Amd. 11-8-11)
Sec. 3.   Duties and Responsibilities of Search Committee. (Amd. 11-8-11)
Sec. 4.   Compensation, Funding and Committee Tenure. (Amd. 11-8-11)
of the
   We, the people of the City of Conneaut, in the County of Ashtabula and State of Ohio, in order to secure for ourselves the benefits of municipal home rule and exercise all the powers of local self-government under the Constitution and laws of the State of Ohio, do adopt this Charter for our municipality.