Abatement of Nuisances and Demolition of Structures
1323.01   Definitions.
1323.02   Nuisance determination; prohibition.
1323.03   Notice and abatement.
1323.04   Notices.
1323.05   Emergency abatement.
1323.06   Right to make immediate repairs.
1323.07   Appeal to Planning Commission.
1323.08   Abatement of nuisance by Planning and Zoning Manager.
1323.09   Fire damaged structures; insurance proceeds.
1323.10   Removal of graffiti.
1323.11   Required schedule for boarded structures.
1323.12   Noncompliant boarded structures a nuisance.
1323.13   Cooperating owners; special notice and abatement.
1323.14   Expedited procedure for failure to clean up garbage, litter, rubbish and refuse, and furniture and/or other materials; work by City; collection of expenses without lien.
1323.15   Placarding of damaged buildings.
1323.16   Civil penalty for failure to pay.
1323.17   Transfer of ownership.
1323.99   Penalty.