1323.04 NOTICES.
   (a)   Whenever the Planning and Zoning Manager determines that there has been a violation of any provision of this chapter, except where a violation citation tag has been issued pursuant to Section 1323.11, he, or his designee, may give notice of such violation to the person responsible therefor and order compliance with this chapter as hereinafter provided. Such notice and order shall:
      (1)   Be put in writing on an appropriate form;
      (2)   Include a list of violations, refer to the section or sections of this chapter violated and order remedial action which, if taken, will effect compliance with the provisions of this chapter;
      (3)   Specify a reasonable time for performance;
      (4)   Advise the owner, operator or occupant of the procedure for appeal, except emergency orders issued pursuant to Section 1323.05;
         (Ord. 99-15. Passed 11-23-15.)
      (5)   Be served on the owner or occupant in person. However, this notice and order shall be deemed to be properly served upon the owner or occupant if a copy thereof is sent by regular mail with attached certificate of mailing to the tax mailing address of the owner listed by the Ashtabula County Auditor.
   (b)   The notice and order may, in the alternative, be served by leaving it at his last known residence or place of business in the presence of a family member or other responsible person over the age of 18 who shall be informed of the general nature of the contents thereof.
(Ord. 21-17. Passed 5-8-17.)
   (c)   If service is not accomplished by any of the above means, then a notification of the existence of the notice and order may be published at least once in a local newspaper of general circulation. (Ord. 99-15. Passed 11-23-15.)