51.01   Control of system vested in Board
   51.02   Duties of Public Works Director
   51.03   Director to be in charge
   51.04   No visitors to pumping station; exceptions
   51.05   Applications for connections
   51.06   Town to tap main; make connections
   51.07   Charges
   51.08   Director to inspect plumbing
   51.09   Water bills to be paid monthly
   51.10   Disconnection for late payment
   51.11   Unlawful to turn water service back on after disconnection
   51.12   Reconnection charges
   51.13   Owners of more than one house
   51.14   Taking water from public hydrant prohibited; exceptions
   51.15   All service pipes to connect with main
   51.16   Town may shut off water
   51.17   Corporation cock may be removed
   51.18   Size of corporation cock
   51.19   Larger connections
   51.20   Permit required for water for builders
   51.21   No damages in case of accident or failure of water supply
   51.22   Rates
   51.23   Deposits
   51.24   Water required
   51.25   Separate connections required
   51.26   Tampering with or obstructing water lines prohibited