Disposition Table
   Related local laws
Editor’s note:
   This charter codification contains the basic charter as amended.  Various acts relating to the municipality which are not specific amendments to the charter or its amendments but which are of a general and permanent nature are also included.  Excluded from the charter codification are local acts relating to Mayor’s Court, issuance and sale of bonds, levy and collection of taxes and conduct of elections.  These types of local acts have been superseded by general laws.
   The charter materials are arranged and grouped according to the subject matter.  Article headings, catchlines and catch phrases have been inserted and the sections renumbered by the codifiers to facilitate indexing and for ease of reference.  Acts relating to the municipality, but not amendatory of the charter or its amendments, are similarly included in the grouping entitled “Related Local Laws”.
   Severability, repealer and effective date provisions are omitted.  When a section has been specifically amended or repealed by a later act, the amended or repealed section has been deleted.  All material contained within brackets has been added by the codifiers to clarify or to correct the meaning of the text or to refer the reader to a section as renumbered, within a given section.
   Immediately following the charter codification is a charter disposition table, setting out in chronological order the old section number, date and chapter number of the act, subject matter and the charter disposition.