A.   Conditions: When a subdivision consists of no more than two (2) parcels of land or is a replat of previously filed subdivision which does not increase the total number of lots by more than two (2) lots; and
      1.   All resulting lots meet minimum lot size requirements (see current planning and zoning ordinance);
      2.   All Municipal liens on the subject property have been paid in full;
      3.   No provisions are required by the village for utilities, easements, rights of way or drainage;
      4.   All owners of the subject property have signed the plat and application;
      5.   None of the lots to be affected by the proposed subdivision have been previously subdivided using the alternate subdivision procedure; and
      6.   Affected utility companies have signed releases;
then the planning and zoning commission may review the plat and make its recommendation to the board of trustees. If the proposal is ineligible, the commission will promptly notify the applicant that the full subdivision procedure is required. The board of trustees will act on the recommendation of the planning and zoning commission at its next regular or special meeting.
The planning and zoning commission may also review and make recommendations to the board of trustees concerning replats which decrease the number of lots or contiguous parcels in a previously filed subdivision; provided, that the items provided in this subsection A are satisfied.
   B.   Submission Of Documents: The applicant is required to submit to the village the following:
      1.   Completed application form, including waiver of public hearing;
      2.   Payment of the necessary filing fee to the village clerk/treasurer;
      3.   The original Mylar and two (2) copies of a final plat that meet all the requirements of a final plat in section 10-3-3 of this chapter.
   C.   Waiver Of Rights Protected: By providing this alternate procedure, the village does not waive its rights to require the applicant to satisfy any or all of the village's usual requirements for subdivision approval. (Ord. 287, 3-9-1999)