10-3-3: FINAL PLAT:
Within six (6) months of approval of the preliminary plat, the final plat shall be submitted with two (2) Mylar copies and two (2) paper copies and shall be at a scale of one hundred feet to one inch (1" = 100') or larger. Where necessary, the plat may be on several sheets accompanied by an index sheet showing the entire subdivision. It shall be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission for approval prior to the submission to the Board of Trustees. The final plat shall show the following:
   A.   All information required on a preliminary plat;
   B.   Tract boundary lines, right-of-way lines of streets and easements, and property lines of residential lots and other sites; with accurate dimensions, bearings or deflection angles and radii, arcs, and central angles of all curves;
   C.   Name and right-of-way width of each street or other right of way, with the street name continued if it is aligned with an existing street, with streets and alleys abutting the subdivision drawn in dashed lines and named;
   D.   Location, dimensions, and purpose of any easements;
   E.   Number to identify each lot and block or tract;
   F.   Designation of any lots to be used for multiple dwellings;
   G.   Purpose for which sites, other than residential lots, are dedicated or reserved;
   H.   Location and description of monuments;
   I.   Certification by a New Mexico registered land surveyor as to accuracy of survey and plat;
   J.   Statement by owner dedicating streets, right of way and any sites for public uses (together with dimensions of same);
   K.   Title, scale, north arrow and date;
   L.   Signed approval by authorized representatives of all utilities. (Ord. 287, 3-9-1999)