General Provisions
   159.001   Title
   159.002   Districts and boundaries; official map
   159.003   Compliance with the regulations
   159.004   Definitions
Zoning Districts
   159.015   A-1 Agricultural Reserve District
   159.016   R-1A, R-1B, R-1C One-Family Residential District
   159.017   R-2 Two-Family Residential District
   159.018   R-4 Residential District
   159.019   R-5 Condominium Residential District
   159.020   MH Manufactured Home District
   159.021   PUD Planned Unit Development Overlay District
   159.022   C-1 Local Commercial District
   159.023   C-2 General Commercial District
   159.024   C-2M General Commercial/Light Manufacturing District
   159.025   PWC Parkway Commercial District
   159.026   C-3 Central Business District
   159.027   SP Special Purpose Commercial and Historical Overlay Districts
   159.028   C-4 Planned Commercial District
   159.029   C-R Commercial/Recreation District
   159.030   M-1 Industrial (Light) District
   159.031   M-2 Industrial (Heavy) District
   159.032   M-3 Industrial (Park) District
Zoning Regulations
   159.045   Height and area requirements
   159.046   Supplemental regulations
   159.046A   Residential and utility scale solar energy (SES) systems
   159.047   Nonconforming uses
   159.048   Signs
   159.049   Special use regulations
   159.050   Certificates of occupancy
   159.051   Plans
   159.052   Amendments
   159.053   Interpretation, purpose and conflict
   159.054   Zoning permits and inspections
Off-Street Parking and Loading
   159.065   Off-street parking requirements
   159.066   Off-street loading requirements
Zoning Board of Adjustment
   159.080   Zoning Board of Adjustment
Wireless Communication Facilities
   159.095   Purpose
   159.096   Definitions
   159.097   Zoning and land use
   159.098   Special use permit required
   159.099   Special use permit application process
   159.100   Exceptions
   159.101   Application process for all applications
   159.102   Application review for applications identified as eligible facilities requests
   159.103   Application review for applications identified for new tower construction
   159.104   Application review for applications identified for the initial placement or installation of transmission equipment on wireless support structures, modification of an existing tower or existing base station that constitutes a substantial change, or other requests for construction or placement of transmission equipment that do not constitute eligible facilities requests
   159.105   Proprietary leasing of city owned or controlled property
   159.106   Removal of abandoned wireless communications facilities
   159.999   Penalty