§ 163.04 Duties of Commission
   The Commission shall:
   (a)   Assist with the adoption of an urban forest management plan and assist with updating a comprehensive inventory of trees and tree benefits analysis at regular intervals for the City;
   (b)   Provide recommendations on policy, plans, programs, or legislation concerning urban forestry management, sustainability and protection of associated trees on public or private property;
   (c)   Review and comment on any program or work undertaken by any City Department, technical or advisory bodies related to the protection or enhancement of the urban forest when so requested by the Mayor or Council;
   (d)   Work with the necessary departments to implement recommendations to reduce tree loss and damage;
   (e)   Monitor implementation of City plans and policies related to the urban forest and provide review and comment to the Mayor and Council;
   (f)   Assist the Director of Public Works, or his or her designee, in preparing educational programming for residents, businesses, and organizations in the community to encourage proper maintenance of trees within the City;
   (g)   Solicit grants or contributions to the Tree Preservation Fund set forth in Section 509.21 of the codified ordinances, for the purpose of supporting the preservation, protection, maintenance, purchase and planting and establishment of trees in the City, and educating the public with respect thereto;
   (h)   Review and report on whether the penalties collected for unauthorized damage or removal of trees are being paid to the Tree Preservation Fund as set forth in Section 509.99 of the codified ordinances and make recommendations regarding the disbursement of funds from the Tree Preservation Fund;
   (i)   Assist the Director of Public Works, or his or her designee, in preparing an annual report to Council, the Mayor, and the public regarding the activities of the Commission; and
   (j)   Any other duty requested by the Mayor or Council.
(Ord. No. 702-2020. Passed 6-6-22, eff. 6-13-22)