553.01   West 25th Street Market Grounds
553.02   Use of Market Grounds
553.03   Priority on Space
553.04   Short Weights or Measures
553.05   Resisting Commissioner’s Order
553.06   Shelves and Lines
553.07   Intoxicating Liquors
553.08   Regulations for Sanitation and Conduct
553.09   Seizure and Destruction of Unfit Foods
553.10   Sale of Provisions before Market Hours
553.11   Clearing Market upon Closing
553.12   Uniform Stall Signs
553.99   Penalty
   Note: The legislative history of this chapter, except where specifically noted at the end of a section, is as follows: Ordinance No. 63410-A, passed September 22, 1924.
   Sale of poultry by weight, CO 241.27
   Sources of poultry and game for sales, CO 241.26
   Using or selling from untested measuring devices, CO 555.13
Statutory reference:
   Adulterated, misbranded and unsafe food, RC 3715.52, 3715.59 et seq.
   Power to regulate weights and measures, RC 715.45