§ 489.04 Permit Required
   No person shall land a helicopter under division (b) of Section 489.02, except in cases of mechanical emergency, without first obtaining a permit. Terms of the permit, including but not limited to required presence of fire and police personnel and the permissible amount of time a helicopter may remain on site, shall be at the complete discretion of the Director of Public Safety, or his or her designee. A pilot seeking issuance of a helicopter permit shall file an application with the Director of Public Safety on a form provided by the Director. Such application form shall require, but not be limited to, the following information:
   (a)   Name and address of the pilot applying for a permit;
   (b)   Name and address of the organization on behalf of whom the permit is requested;
   (c)   Name and address of the property owner;
   (d)   Date of landing, time of landing, and time of takeoff;
   (e)   Type of helicopter;
   (f)   Number of passengers; and
   (g)   A diagrammed site survey indicating all potential obstacles in close proximity to the landing areas.
(Ord. No. 564-15. Passed 6-1-15, eff. 6-2-15)